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While the choice of database platform and hardware is important in any database system, just as important is the code that operates inside the database. An intimate knowledge of the flow of data, transactions and structured query language (SQL) is required for any properly-functioning database system. Don't get stuck in the 'black-box' view that most people have of databases. You could end up spending large sums of money on expensive servers and hardware only to have a poorly designed application and database code bring your system to a halt. We've seen more database problems due to poorly written and designed database code than any other reason.

database application development

Our Approach

Parthian Systems approaches database application development from a different angle than most IT companies. Many firms and companies put application developers in the position of also writing and developing database code. Aside from being inefficient, this can introduce a host of problems from a database perspective. In contrast, at Parthian Systems all database application development is done by our cross-trained database professionals. Every member of our team is experienced and cross-trained in both database administration and database application development. Since our database application code is written by professionals with a deeper understanding of how the database actually works, they are able to design and write scalable database application code from the beginning. This is exponentially more efficient than having an application developer with little or no understanding of database internals in the position of developing database code. A good reason for this is detailed in our blog post, The #1 Database Problem.

Signs of a Good Database Developer

Good database developers use stored procedures. For some reason this became a fierce argument in the IT world. The arguments for and against the use stored procedures in databases can get very heated. The only problem is that the people who argue against the use of stored procedures and functions are not database professionals. No matter who you choose to develop your database applications and code, always look for a development team that understands databases, not just applications. It's amazing the number of firms that place application developers into the role of database application developer and expect to have an application and database that perform well. This is where most of the lost productivity and inefficiencies in database systems begin. Application developers almost always embed database code within the application - outside of the database. This will never perform as well as having database code within the database where it can be stored, optimized, and tuned by real database developers who have an understanding of the database internal processes. Stored procedures, functions and triggers must be used in any highly-scalable database. Are there exceptions to the rule? Sure, but you don't want the outages and downtime that come with troubleshooting a system that has database code embedded within the application. Always look for this essential signal in any good database application development team.

Summary of Our Development Services

  • Complete database application development
  • Stored Procedures
  • Stored Functions
  • SQL statements
  • PL/SQL (Oracle)
  • T-SQL (SqlServer)
  • PL/pgSQL (PostgreSQL)
  • Shell scripting (Unix/Linux systems)
  • Job Scheduling
  • ETL (extraction transform load) Process Design and Implementation

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