About Us


"Wow. They just spent millions of dollars for nothing!"

That was the phrase that sparked our beginning. When it came to watching the unbelievable amount of bloat and waste in companies, our founder had had enough. That wasn't the first time he'd witnessed such massive waste, but it was to be the last. After spending years witnessing millions of dollars being wasted on unnecessary equipment, layers of bureaucracy, and redundant personnel, it was time to come up with a solution to these all-too-common problems. Parthian Systems was born. The road for us wasn't easy in the beginning, but we stuck to our vision of eliminating the waste of time, money and effort in database systems and projects.

"There must be a better way"

The biggest problem most companies isn't a lack of funds, but a lack of expertise in database systems and a corresponding mindset with which to build these systems. Database systems should become a treasured asset for your organization, not a money-pit. Using our decades of experience and knowledge in building high-performance enterprise database systems we can provide the needed knowledge, experience and efficiency that many organizations are sorely missing.

"Performance, Savings, Results"

After a modest beginning, our reputation for delivering top-notch results in a no-nonsense manner began to spread and has helped us earn a reputation we're proud of. Our most enthusiastic supporters are our clients who enjoy the cost savings, performance and results of a well-designed database system. We can build a database system for you that delivers the results you demand.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help customers build database systems that are reliable, accurate, and high-performance. We aim to deliver these services in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost to our clients. We want to eradicate poor performing database systems and demonstrate the value that a well-designed system can provide.

We believe that the current vision and integration of database systems in a wide variety of organizations needs to be radically changed. Many companies large and small treat database systems as an afterthought or take the black-box approach. We are here to help change that. Today's competitive marketplace won't allow for the huge amount of waste and inefficiency that currently exists in many organizations' database departments.

We are eager to build relationships with clients who are interested in building technology solutions that deliver results and become an asset to your organization.

Why Choose Us

If you're wondering where to start with a database project, have a current system that is performing poorly or just have some questions that need to be answered, we can help. We love databases and hate seeing database implementations go down in flames. Stop squandering thousands of dollars on consulting firms with little experience or the ability to communicate effectively. We have decades of experience in designing, building and tuning high-performance database systems for a variety of industries and can help build a system that fits your needs. We will give you straight answers to your questions. If we feel we can't provide value to your project we won't take on the assignment.